Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sk8 Skillz

Hi World! I know my updates are not as frequent as they once were but hey, it is what it is. Once I was a baby skater and was posting every little move I made. I've moved beyond that and it's a beautiful thing. So I will most likely be doing a weekly or bi-weekly update.

Skating at Venice Beach last weekend was a trip! What a wild and crazy world it is up there. So much going on, skating is just one tiny aspect of it all. It was fun to just watch all the madness going on around us. There was one guy who was skating while using two hula hoops and juggling limes. A little intimidating to do my moves next to something like that! Also there were only a couple other women, it was completely dominated by men. But I did my thing and all the skaters up there were super friendly. I'm so glad I went and can't wait to go again soon.

Skating at the rink on Tuesday was good; I was doing my new super fast skating and it was great. I skated the backwards skate special and had something interesting happen. I have been working on something called a mohawk turn, which is basically turning around from frontwards to backwards while in motion. The skilled skaters can do this at breakneck speed. Me, I do it only if I'm at a slow pace as it's easy to lose your balance. Anyway, so I was doing my backwards skating and this couple stops/falls right behind me. One of my friends screamed at me but I only had a split second to turn around. I did that mohawk turn so fast...and didn't fall! I was so proud of myself! I guess sometimes it takes those little things to push you out of your comfort zone and help you get to the next level. I won't be so hesitant the next time I do my mohawk turn.

Skating at the beach this weekend and the Pacific Beachfest is just around the corner!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Faster, Skatecat! Kill! Kill!

What fun I have been having skating. I'm on to the next level, and it feels incredible. :)

The Labor Day Skate BBQ was an awesome time. It's great having this new family of friends. We bbq'd and then headed over to wow the tourists. We did a skate show on the hour every hour 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. I skated routine after routine after routine. I am really, really trying to bend my knees more but it's hard, so many habits are ingrained. As always, trying to improve. But it feels awesome to get called over anytime routines are going to be performed, and I'm one of the only skaters that can do every routine - 2-6 and the Fly. Paul is even teaching me the rare #1 routine. :) Cool!

Skating at the rink last night was the bomb! I skated faster than I have ever skated before. How invigorating! Scary too of course, even though my braking continues to improve all the time. I was even braking during the turns last night, a first for me. A couple times I came up so fast on a group wearing rentals that I had no choice but to cut through the middle to avoid a fall. This is a no-no. I sure know that being a skate dancer myself. But luckily I didn't take anyone down with me, and the only solution is to improve with braking even more. I found out that I can only brake with my right foot. So now to practice braking with my left foot.

I was really watching those derby girls last night. Yes, I watched Whip It - I know it's so cliche but it did give me a new found interest and respect for roller derby. Finally I can understand how the game is played and why the girls skate so fast and are so aggressive. No I'm not saying I'm going derby, no way! I'm a skate dancer all the way. But the girls are very talented, and their style of skating crouching low is a good style to follow. I did try that last night and saw some looks from the derby girls (is she going derby?) lol Always fun to try new things.

Jammed out on the backwards special last night. I wish it was for more than one song. I should backwards skate when the rink is still empty at the start of the night, but I'm warming up during that time and don't have my "skating legs" to confidently backwards skate. In time.