Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas Skate Friends

It's Christmas!  Time to get your Christmas roll on.  I've been skating up a storm.  I'm so happy I've been able to juggle my personal life so that I can get more skating in.  I skated at the rink twice over the weekend.  We have been slammed in San Diego with a huge winter storm so no skating at the beach for two weeks running now.  I am so over it.  I sure hope I can hit the beach this weekend.  I love to skate at the rink but there's nothing like skating next to the water with the cool breeze blowing and the bright sunshine over head.

I skated at the rink Saturday night.  It was crawling with kids, as usual.  I followed all the kids that skate really fast and it was fun to try and keep up with them.  I got some practice in on my backwards.  I've been really working on shifting my weight from foot to foot.  I've slowly improved.  I have been trying to get more comfortable skating backwards among the forward skaters.  Once I get in backwards position, I get this irrational fear of turning back around.  I turned around in a crowd of forward skaters and ate it, it sucked!  But it was a nothing fall, more embarrassing than anything else.  Unfortunately only minutes later I completely plowed into this little girl going the wrong way on the floor.  I landed right on top of her and her skates dug into my legs hard.  I couldn't believe the pain!  But I was more worried about her because she was only about 10 years old.  She was fine so I jumped up and resumed skating but my leg was just killing.  I skated a few more minutes and had to throw in the towel.  I rolled up my jeans and inspected the damage.  I was amazed her wheels were able to break my skin through my jeans and my socks.  I nursed my leg that whole night and four days later, it's much better.

Sunday I skated at the rink because it was raining cats and dogs outside.  Nice and dry inside the rink but I truly felt gun shy after my fall the night before.  And the kids that skate on Sundays are much worse than the Saturday night ones.  They were just all over the place, really scary stuff.  So I never really went at my top  speed, I just felt too intimidated.  My leg was still so sore, the thought of falling on it was pretty unpleasant.  Nonetheless, i got my roll on and that's what counts.

Skating at the rink last night was a blast.  Skating on the weekend sure makes you appreciate Adult Night on a whole different level.  The music was hitting it and the crowd was light, probably because of the rain and the holidays.  I skated hard.  I was able to spend about 30 minutes with one of the good skaters and the lesson was good, challenging as always.  He teaches me all this hard stuff and then I feel really self conscious that he is watching me skate disapprovingly.  It's just hard to do what he is teaching me, I am so much more comfortable skating my usual way.  Old habits die hard.

Off to Cerritos tomorrow night for Adult Night.  Yay!  I'm so excited!  It's only been a month since I've been up but it feels like way too long.  I've already devised my requests that the DJ will hopefully play.  He's so picky.  But even if he doesn't play my songs, I will have an awesome time.  Hope you're getting some skating in over the holidays.  No better way to work off those Christmas cookies.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Skating Christmas

Excited to blog about my progress with backwards skating. I had another breakthrough at the rink last night! So cool. I was able to get some instruction from one of the rexers and he really helped me. There's this whole thing about shifting your weight back and forth and it finally clicked last night. I really felt like I was doing something different. As always, my right leg is super strong and my left leg is inanimate. Hvae to practice, practice, practice on my weak leg. Even the rexer guy was like 'that left leg isn't doing anything' lol.

It was so fun at the rink last night. I have totally overcome my fear of backwards skating amongst the frontward skaters. I'm really pleased with myself. It is definitely still scary but I hvae a new comfort level. I can just turn around, start going backwards, move around slow skaters, all of that.
I have been so busy I have struggled to get my skating in. It sucks so much! I missed skating at the beach two weeks in a row. One week the weather was sucky and then last week I was able to go to the Chargers game. Wasnt going to miss that. But I am itching to get in a beach skate and I will do that this weekend. I was asking the others if we could early this weekend but the weather man is predicting rain. It can't be!

I am going up to Cerritos next weekend and I have the following day off. That is a perfect scenario, I should be able to stay for most of the skate. Can't wait to get my roll on with all those good skaters.

Since it's Christmas, I leave you with this hilarious gift option. Hey I love skating so why not get me a skating thong? Oh it's made in the USA all right...