Monday, April 11, 2011

Keep Calm and Skate On

OMG I can't believe it has been nearly a month since my last post!  I am the worst blogger ever.  Well then, this post might be long.  :)  So how have you been?  I hope you've been skating as much as me.  I have had plenty of family and adult nights in the past month, but I will focus on just the good stuff.  CERRITOS!  Went to Cerritos last month on the 31st, and it was out of this world!  How could this rink get better every single time I go there?  I swear I wish I could go every week.  The people, the music, it was just the best time.

What made it even more fun is my new skating partner.  We shall call him Nero to protect the innocent.  I have been couple skating with Nero for a couple of months here in San Diego, but I know he goes to Cerritos nearly every week.  So I was thrilled to meet him up there.  By the time I got up there, he was totally warmed up and ready to skate FAST, like super fast!  It was scary as hell.  It's one thing to skate fast down here but up there, it's another story.  Plus he's such a good skater, he likes to steer us into danger "just to make it more exciting". Great.  But I skated incredibly hard to keep up with him, so much harder than I skate in San Diego.  My legs were sore for three days!  But it was so worth it on every single level.

A friend of mine asked me to help him with couple skating as he sees me skating with Nero all the time.  So we gave it go up there but he can't do it very well, and I'm not that versed either.  So what happened?  He kicked my skate and we both went down in a big, giant, falling-down-in-Cerritos pile.  Argh it sucked!  Such a mixture of embarrassment, pain, fear, humiliation and did I say embarrassment?  I swear that's the worst part.  I went down badly, right on my tailbone and with my head going back into the floor.  Ouch!  But the floor guards up there are the bomb, they were on top of me in seconds.  They really rock. 

Skating in San Diego is a letdown after being in Cerritos.  You have to adjust back to the average music and kids.  But skating with Nero is always awesome, there is so much he can teach me.  I'm so happy he's decided to take me under his wing.  I worry that I'm holding him back, that he can't skate as fast as he'd like because he's skating with me.  But he told me not to worry about that.

In other news, I have been corresponding with the man that sold me my Snyder's.  Apparently he reads my blog, so a big shout out to Jim and Renee, hey you crazy kids!  They are both artistic skaters.  Anyway, so Jim told me he's going to send me some different wheels so I can skate faster.  I am so excited!  I can't wait to get them and then bake some zucchini bread for the lucky soul that is going to swap out my bearings.

Took my little beast to the rink yesterday to get his roll on.  I succeeded in having him wear skates for two hours, which I thought was pretty amazing.  He enjoyed the limbo and the dice game and giving mommy high 5's when she skated by.  Other than that, I think his favorite part was the arcade hahaha.  But at least he kept his skates on.  By the end of the session, he was able to walk around the rink floor without falling.  Not rolling but at least not falling.

Other than that, Cerritos on the 28th.  Oh yeah.