Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Am Right Here, Skating Beside You

Ugh I am like the most remiss blogger ever!  I cannot believe I missed an entire month of posting for the first time since I started this blog in 2009.  Oh well, what can I do.  Hello blog world!  It's not that I haven't been writing because I haven't been skating, not at all.  I have been doing my thing.  I have been skating as much as possible.  Every Adult Night without fail, of course.  That would kill me to miss a Tuesday.  I've been having a pretty damn good time.

I fell about three weeks ago.  Of course since I have such a major fall under my belt, everything else just pales in comparison.  I was skating in a tight pack and when we went into the turn, this guy kicked my wheel and I went straight down.  It was so fast.  I somehow managed to beat up the side of my hip/leg, maybe I was in the middle of a crossover.  Anyway, it was instant all-consuming take-your-breath-away pain.  The guy was fine and wanted to skate off but I made him walk me to the bench.  Wtf man, where is the chivalry.  My poor leg was hurting so bad.  I took a few minutes to shake it off and then got back on the floor cautiously.  But after 30 minutes, my leg was just throbbing and I had to go.  I had an epic bruise lol, I felt very derby.  Now three weeks later it looks much better than the gray/purple/green/blue/pink loveliness I had going on there for a minute.

I have been making some tiny inroads with my backwards.  Up in Cerritos, I have skated the all ladies backwards a couple times.  I'm more confident up there, plus it's not many people when it's only the women on the floor.  I am very cautious though, I keep my speed way down and focus on staying in the moment of what exactly I am doing with my feet.  It's very easy to zone out because the steps feel so natural.  I have also been learning backwards crossovers, something I have never really known how to do.  It's hard and challenging but exciting when I see improvement.
Carey Grant and the lovely Marilyn Monroe get their couple skate on

Been skating at the Bay on Sundays; it's still considered winter right now in San Diego so the weather has been difficult.  Sun but icy cold wind.  I brave it for the most part, unless it's too gray out.  Hoping for blue skies this weekend.

In other news, Back to Cali is coming up Memorial Day weekend at Skate Depot in Cerritos.  As you know since you have been reading my blog since the very beginning, it is the premier skating event in Southern California.  This year I am aiming to attend all three nights so I can soak up every little bit.