Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beginning of Spring Means More Skating

Hey Blog World!  How can it be three months since I did an entry??  I'm like the most remiss blogger ever.  As you all know, I get very busy with my non-skating life, working and being a parent.  But I always find time to roll on my eights, the best feeling in the world.

I do have some good news - me and my team were invited to audition for America's Got Talent once again.  We auditioned in 2011 and yadda yadda yadda, it was a disaster, courtesy of yours truly.  I get some serious stage fright performing in front of judges like that.  Anyway, we certainly didn't expect them to call but they did ask us to come up again.  They gave us a private appointment at a sound stage in Burbank.  We dressed up in our disco costumes and did our thing.  It was much, much better than 2011.  Not perfect but still a fairly strong performance.

We were so pleased to find out we have been placed in the "maybe" pile to audition for the celebrity judges!  How exciting.  I just can imagine the thousands of tapes they said no to, yet we got a maybe.  I definitely think we provide a good dose of different - the amount of singers and dancers on that show is just so boring.  You don't see a roller skating disco act every day, plus of course we're great.  They are going to let us know whether or not they want us before the judges.  The thought of skating in front of Howard Stern in my tiny booty shorts gives me heart palpitations.  But it would be a huge honor and we are hopeful.  Any chance to put roller skating on television is a chance worth taking.

In other  news, I've been skating up a storm.  Been going to plenty of family sessions.  The skate mates that have descended on our rink have come straight from hell.  Are you not familiar?  They are walkers, but for roller skating.  They cost like $5 to rent and once one is rented, every little brat in the place rents one.  They suck to have to avoid at every corner on the floor, and even worse when the kid falls and the skate mate goes flying.  Good times!  Nonetheless, all of this is great practice for me in quickly jumping lanes, darting around slow moving objects and stopping on a dime. 

Skating at the beach has been off the chain.  Spring has only just begun and the beach is just packed.  People adore watching us do our thing!  Nothing like a huge crowd of 30 or 40 people, cheering for us as we finish our routine.  Long live Skate This!