Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Skating Christmas

Excited to blog about my progress with backwards skating. I had another breakthrough at the rink last night! So cool. I was able to get some instruction from one of the rexers and he really helped me. There's this whole thing about shifting your weight back and forth and it finally clicked last night. I really felt like I was doing something different. As always, my right leg is super strong and my left leg is inanimate. Hvae to practice, practice, practice on my weak leg. Even the rexer guy was like 'that left leg isn't doing anything' lol.

It was so fun at the rink last night. I have totally overcome my fear of backwards skating amongst the frontward skaters. I'm really pleased with myself. It is definitely still scary but I hvae a new comfort level. I can just turn around, start going backwards, move around slow skaters, all of that.
I have been so busy I have struggled to get my skating in. It sucks so much! I missed skating at the beach two weeks in a row. One week the weather was sucky and then last week I was able to go to the Chargers game. Wasnt going to miss that. But I am itching to get in a beach skate and I will do that this weekend. I was asking the others if we could early this weekend but the weather man is predicting rain. It can't be!

I am going up to Cerritos next weekend and I have the following day off. That is a perfect scenario, I should be able to stay for most of the skate. Can't wait to get my roll on with all those good skaters.

Since it's Christmas, I leave you with this hilarious gift option. Hey I love skating so why not get me a skating thong? Oh it's made in the USA all right...

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