Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hello Blog World! I come with tidings of great skating...okay I had to make the little Christmas reference. Yes the holidays are upon us, taking up valuable skating time. But it's all about time management and I for one will not be Christmas shopping on Adult Night. That's not going to happen. I was off work for the past weekend and you know I spent the whole time rolling. It was awesome!

But the highlight of my time off was undoubtedly the Thanksgiving Skate at Skate Depot.

I can't say enough good things about this rink. Here is a rink that is for the skaters, run by people who love skating and the rink patrons. They show this by offering special holiday skates, all night skates, they provide us with cold drinking water - what else could we want? I had the absolute best time up there! For the first time ever, I was able to skate in the fast lane! Not the whole time of course; I always make sure to move to the left after a pass so that people much faster than me can go by. But I was holding my own and it was absolutely thrilling! I also did a ton of backwards skating and it was awesome to just go into it and not feel intimidated.

My backwards skating is totally going to the next level, it's way awesome. They had a special in Cerritos all women backwards for three songs. I hung in there! It was great. I am most definitely going to get a grip of Fridays off so I can go up to Cerritos at least once a month. I seriously need to skate up there more often and the car ride just seems shorter and shorter.

In other news, the parade got rained out last weekend. It sucked so much. I was so looking forward to it. Unfortunately water and skating just don't mix and it rained cats and dogs all last weekend. I sure hope we get to do it next year, that is so up my alley.

That is my main update. Just skating and more skating. Been going to the rink on the weekends again. Despite the rumors that the rink will be closing, it has been dead, dead, dead. Too bad that people in San Diego don't want to support our last roller rink. Oh well, I will do it for you.

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