Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Other Car is a Unicorn on Roller Skates

Yes, it's Tuesday, my very favorite day of the week! So excited to get my roll on tonight at the rink. It was so fun last week, I can't wait to build on what I learned. I am such a little speeder now, it's too cool! I get such a rush from skating, I'll go 30, 40, 50 minutes without a break - as long as the music is good.

Amazingly enough, I have even stopped drinking Red Bull before I go skating! Wait did you hear what I said? I'm not taking a stimulant before I skate anymore! This is a big deal. I used to down a giant Monster before skating back when I was a beginner. I felt it was the *only way* to have enough energy to skate all night.
I was able to wean myself down to the 8 oz. sugar free Red Bull, but this was still a needed item to go skating. A few weeks ago, I needed to be able to sleep right when I got home so I went without the drink. I was worried I would have no energy and would have to keep resting but something amazing happened - I felt even better than I did with the Red Bull. No shaky legs or super fast heart beats. No having to use the bathroom at the roller rink because I drank so much before I got there (trust me, the bathrooms are a scary adventure that I would like to avoid). This is a very positive change health-wise and also in saving money too!
In other news, Pacific Beachfest this Saturday! I guess I'm ready! I will be doing just three routines; we have to do the strongest routines and even though I know other ones, the important thing to do is what everyone knows. It should be fun and I'm sure I will be nervous as heck but it will be great to get my feet wet for my first time performing before a group.
Sorry for the gap in postings...but I don't want to bore you guys to tears when I don't have much to report...ride your hide people

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