Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Skate Like It's Summer

Hi out there, I know it's been a few weeks since I have blogged.  Honestly, I was struck down by the flu bug.  Forced off my wheels but the evil hand of fate!  Oh well, it was bound to happen as I haven't been sick for a few years.  Guess it was my turn.  I didn't skate for a solid week, which was so bizarre.  Then I went skating and it totally got me sick all over again.  I wasn't ready to be back on my wheels, apparently.  Let me catch you up.

Right before New Years, I skated in Cerritos.  So unbelievable.  There is simply nothing like skating up there, it's just the best.  I had such a fantastic time.  It was really crowded and very frightening over in the fast lane so I stayed out of it for the most part.  Lots of people do the same style of skating as me around the floor so it was a blast to follow people, or get in a line of five or six people and mimic their steps.  So fun to know I can keep up now.

I am just barely returning to a normal skating schedule after my illness.  I will definitely remember that I have to stay home on Skate Night when I've been ill.  I have so much fun skating, I don't really think of it as an exertion or exercise.  I skated last Tuesday for the first time after my sickness.  It felt a little weird!  Just took me a couple dozen rotations to get comfortable again.  Then I was golden.

We are having unbelievable weather right now in San Diego, so after a long two months off, I was able to skate at the beach this past Sunday.  It was glorious.  Brilliant blue skies, hazy sunshine and a cool breeze coming off the water.  I love to be on the wood in the rink, but skating in the sunshine is an experience like no other.  Fantastic skating day.

Skating at the rink tonight.  Some of the rexers organized a Skate Night so it should be on the crowded side.  Last week, there was a gal there who told me she rode her motorcycle 80 miles to skate with us.  Very cool!  She told me about a rink in Fountain Valley.  I mapped it and it's about the exact distance of Cerritos, maybe slightly less.  She claims they have a great Adult Night on Thursdays.  Have to see for myself but sounds like a road trip in the making.

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