Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Skate It Out

Hey there, skating last night at Adult Night was the bomb!  I had such a fun time.  Do you remember my cool Douglass Snyder skates I bought off eBay so long ago?  See blog post here.  Wow, can't believe I bought those skates almost a year ago now!  Those skates gave me so much trouble.  The worst thing about wearing them is how slow they make me skate.

BUT!  I decided to give them another go last night.  I've been hearing a lot about how special they are and how well I will be able to skate once I get used to them and break them in.  I laced them up last night.  Gosh, how different they feel on my feet.  My usual Chicago skates have wheels that are significantly softer, making it easier for me to grip the floor.  These wheels are so hard!  When I go into a turn, I can just feel them wanting to slide and it's pretty darn scary.  The skates are also so heavy, probably about 3-4 lbs. each.  It's a lot of weight to pick up compared to my light weight Chicago skates.

The best thing about wearing the skates is that after an hour or so, I did feel pretty good on them.  I was able to keep up around the floor frontward rexing, and do my dance skating as well.  But after two hours, I had some pretty awful pain in my right foot.  Feels like I need to stretch my skates again.  I think the most important thing that came out of the whole experience is that I feel good wearing these skates.  I really feel confident that in time, I will be able to master them.

Skate Depot in Cerritos tomorrow.  YES!  I just can't wait.  I'm not going to wear the Snyder's though.  I've got to be able to hold my own with the good skaters up there.  I can skate so much faster with my Chicago's.  Hopefully by summer I can wear the Snyder's in Cerritos.  Just have to wait and see.

Raining today in San Diego and rain predicted for all the rest of the week.  Boo!  I really want to skate at the beach this weekend but I guess it is winter, after all.

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