Monday, December 3, 2012

Rollerskatedreams Reporting!

Hey skaters!  I am returning from the dead with a brand new post, how bout that hmmmm??? Yeah I could give you a bunch of excuses but how about no.  How are you doing skaters?  Been getting your roll on?

As the new year approaches, what I would love SOOO much is to buy some new skates.  Man my poor old skates.  Remember when I bought them, 40 posts ago or something in 2010?  I remember the first time I wore them at the rink, I thought these are too heavy for my legs.  Haha memories!  I have such a love for these skates but if you recall, they had a hard life before they got to me.  They lounged in some closet in the midwest for years and years before finding their way to sunny California.  Not to beat a dead horse but these are my Snyders I am talking about.

So once I got the hang of tearing up the wood in these babies, I set about damaging them as is my way.  No not really but yes really.  I am so bad about skate maintenace (new years resolution list forming).  I tend to put them in my trunk and take them out again when I hit the next session.  BAD BAD SKATER.  After the first six months, I took them to the cobbler and he's like WHOA.  What was happening is that my boots are so old, the leather was separating from the ankle up.  The leather was just super old and giving out.  So at that time I paid to have leather sown over the cracks/separations.  I always lift my skates from the plates now, never the boots.  I even bought some leather conditioner but you know I never use that stuff.  Ugh my poor babies. 

Now my tongues never had any sheepskin or other protector on them, so that is where my next problem comes in.  From tying my skates, I got all these really deep, hard grooves in my tongues.  Over the course of a night, the shoelace would begin to make contact with my skin leaving some lovely welts on the front of my ankles.  Not that I would take them in, that would be way too proactive.  No I cut up some of my knee high socks and fold them a few times over the problem area at my ankle.  Problem solved!!

I really do need to get some new skates bcause one of these days these babies will just give out on me.  My buddy has a shoe stretcher and he has stretched my boots for me a couple times. He says "do you have a sentimental attachment to these boots?  If not, buy new boots".  No it ain't sentimental, it's pure laziness!

I will put that on the list - buy new skates.  It takes so long to break skates in, it's quite terrifying to think of going that far back to basics.  I have seen some drop dead gorgeous skates in the Riedell catalog, and they come with a pretty little price tag too - ouch!!!

I will do a better job of updating in 2013.  Just know that I am skating, that I adore skating, that hasn't changed. Computer access, that's something that can change.  Remember friends:  Don't hate, skate!

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