Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Skating Makes Me Squee

I will just begin this blog, I’m not even going to address my lack of blogging. I guess that was me addressing it though! Please don’t think my love of skating has wavered in any way, because it sure hasn’t. It’s more to do with computer access and other such things.

So the new rink has opened in Murrieta, it is called Epic Rollertainment. Let me first say how completely exciting! Most people probably go their whole lives without ever stepping foot into an actual, brand spanking new roller rink. It’s beautiful; brand new wood floor to skate on, the sound system is simply impeccable, and the facility in general is just very new, clean and top notch. They are still working to build their customer base, and it's important for people to go up there and skate.  For me, it's a bit far but I have gone up a few times.  For now (at least), we have other options. The floor is bizarrely shaped; it’s shaped like a swimming pool. It’s not very big either; floor space was taken up in favor of additional seating (there are seats everywhere you look in this place). One positive is that this rink will attract children, which is important for the next generation of skaters. I am a fan of the new rink but my love for Cerritos is unmatched.

Speaking of which. I was so devastated to learn that Skate Depot in Cerritos, CA will close its doors in August of 2014. I am still holding out hope that this is a rumor. Honestly it’s hard to put into words how much it hurt to hear this. I guess I felt like that rink would always be open. Whenever I could, I could drive up there and have a skating experience like no other. I heard that the owners of the strip mall want to get rid of the rink as it doesn’t match the aesthetic of the rest of the strip mall. UTTERLY PATHETIC. This means the good skating will shift to Skate Express in Chino, CA. Even further than Cerritos. It’s all so depressing; people in the Midwest have no idea how good they have it with rinks at their disposal.

But it does mean that the final Back to Cali (tears, so many tears) this May will be more than just off the chain. It will be the skate party to end all skate parties. Of course I won’t miss it. When I first started going to Back to Cali, I thought “I’ll be here 10 years from now”. That certainly won’t be the case. Ugh it’s bumming me out to talk about it.

I fell hard at the rink a few weeks ago. My first time hitting my head since my accident in 2011. And yes I am super careful! I backwards skate very slowly but I was with a partner. He should have been directly behind me but he wasn’t, he tripped over some fallen skaters and we went down, and I felt completely on my head, probably in the same place as my injury. DON’T TRIP – I didn’t black out. We weren’t going very fast. The outpouring of support from the other skaters was touching. My head ached and I was a little fearful going to sleep but it’s all good. Since I did have a Traumatic Brain Injury in the past, any injuries to the same area have their effects on me. The two days following my fall, I had the worst vertigo. Really intense and easy to bring on. But it was just the two days and I’m all okay again.

Happy for skate night tonight. See me on my eights.

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