Thursday, April 1, 2010

News Thing

CW TV did a piece at the roller rink this past Tuesday! It was pretty cool. I found out that Skate World was asking skaters to go to the rink as the crack of dawn (7 am) for a news piece. I thought that would be such a fantastic way to start the day - get a little skate in before going to work. So I made it happen! I made arrangements to go in late for work, and layed out my skating clothes at the foot of the bed.

I was at the rink bright and early - the first one there actually. You can count on me to be punctual. The owner's kid showed up and let me in - and let me start skating! It was so incredibly awesome: the only lights on were on the rink floor, and there wasn't another soul in the entire roller rink. It was eerie too, with the only sound my wheels going over the wood; normally the music is the only sound you can really hear. It was worth everything to have those 10 minutes alone on the floor, practicing things I never could on a floor crowded with people.

About 20 people showed up in all, a few other dance skaters like me, some derby and some kids. The guy from the news, Ruben, was super funny and seemed genuinely cool. I did get a few seconds of fame; you can view it here but you have to scroll through the video thumbnails to find the skating one (there's no way to link it directly). But the coolest part was getting my skate on before work!

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