Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Best Adult Night Ever!

Had simply the best time at skating last night! This heat is fantastic for the roller rink, at least for me. It means people don't want to go inside the hot, stuffy rink, they want to play outside in the sunshine. They can have it! Leave the rink for me. So the crowd wasn't too crazy, lots of good skaters and very few amateurs.
I was totally in the skating zone last night, hitting my marks. It felt great! I am doing a little something more each time I skate. I got some compliments, which is always nice. Made me feel really good. But the best part of the night is when Paul decided to teach me a routine! It was just so cool. Paul is the master, and I have asked him to help me before, but he never has. I had the impression that he didn't think I was good enough yet to be able to learn the moves. Does this mean I have graduated??

Paul was just amazing. He showed me some different steps but really fast. I have to practice them on my own so I can do them at the right speed. Then we did downtown together, but again, he is just so quick and stylized, it was hard to stay on rhythm with him. Then he had me downtown by myself while he called the steps, and he told me I did a good job! He is a man of few words, so I felt encouraged that he said that to me. Check out some of Paul's awesomeness.

Going to Skate World for the afternoon session on Saturday - I am definitely going to be trying those tricks Paul showed me. This warm weather is supposed to hold so hopefully the rink won't be too crowded on Saturday. Viva roller skating!

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