Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Skating Weekend

Had a fun skating weekend. Saturday I went to the rink by myself, and it was all kids and parents. I was the best skater! That's a first. It was a great confident booster. I even had two kids ask me for a few lessons, and that was super cool too.

Sunday I took my 3 year old to the rink so he could try his hand at skating. He has some of those plastic skates and he has skated around the neighborhood in those. I wanted him to try some big boy skates. He was a great sport about the whole thing, and I know the skates weigh a ton and probably didn't feel too great on his tiny feet. I took him around on the carpet and then we made for the big scary rink floor. He didn't like the lights and noise but he was willing to attempt a glide. Then of course he was ready to leave.

I was able to keep him in his skates for about an hour, which I think is pretty miraculous for his age. I was really impressed with how his balance improved over the course of the hour. My boy is a natural! For the next time I take him, I think he will benefit from having a little friend to skate with. He seemed a bit envious of the other children with their friends, skating hand in hand. Overall, he did fantastic!

Adult Night tonight, it took so long to get here! I am itching to skate. It was frustrating to be in my skates on Sunday but not really be able to skate since I had to help my boy. I am so ready to go! In other news, my search for new skates is getting a little frenzied. My birthday isn't until the summer, but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to wait that long. I am really feeling the Vanilla skates, anyone have any feedback on that brand? Here's the skates I wish I could get:
$400, yeah a little crazy. And here's the ones I'll be getting realistically in my price range at $200:

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  1. Hey Rollerdreams,

    The boot on the Vanilla Junior skate features a strong, fully stitched rubber outsole, and super tough skate shoe lining. The newly designed frame on this package is Vanilla’s first nylon frame and features a 5 degree action to increase stability with specially designed, cone shaped cushions to increase response. Vanilla jam plugs, designed and tested by Team Vanilla for all types of skating, are the recommended toe stop choice. The ABEC-7, race spec bearings will keep you flying around the floor and have been rigorously tested by Team Vanilla to make sure they will endure the test of time. Surrounding those great bearings, are top quality, super light Backspin nylon hub wheels that come with a lifetime warranty.

    Any other questions fell fee to call or email me.
    This item will be in stock and ready to ship by March 15th.
    Mark Christianson