Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If You're Not Skating, You're Missing Out

Wow! What an incredible night of roller skating. I had the best time! There were no birthday parties, so that made the vibe cooler right from the start. It wasn't all crazy crowded either. I warmed up around the oval and went in the center to do my thing. There wasn't that many great skaters, which helps me feel less intimidated.

I have been working on the downtown for a long time, a certain shuffle step dance that is done in skating. It looks awesome if you're really good at it. I have been practicing it hard for about four months and have improved very gradually. I still need a lot of work but my goal is to be good enough to skate it at the beach this summer. Anyway, one of the really good skaters, Steve, was there last night and he was willing to show me the next part of the dance routine. It was so cool! Thanks Steve! I have never skated downtown that well before. It was really inspirational that Steve was willing to skate with me. Some people were even watching, no one does that when I skate!

As you can tell, I am pretty pumped up about the whole night. I was learning the steps and practicing them for about 30 minutes with Steve. Then when I went out on the floor to skate, I was all confident. Just have to make sure I'm not overconfident or else I'll be on the ground in a second. I skated the beginners backwards skate and it was my best backwards skating yet! It makes me feel so good to have a successful night like that.

Here is a video of Paul and Steve, two of the best skaters at the rink, doing the downtown routine I am learning. It's called the #4. Steve is the guy on the left with the hat on, and Paul is closest to the camera. I don't know who the girl is. But that would be me, skating well enough to do this with them at the beach.

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