Monday, March 15, 2010

Summer Kick Off

I was able to get in some outdoor skating after work today! It was awesome. The weather was utterly perfect today. I didn't get to Mission Beach until nearly 6:30, but it was still very sunny. I skated down the boardwalk but it was super crowded. I think this week is spring break. There were tons of people around and they definitely got a kick out of my skating.

Skating outdoors is much more complicated than rink skating. All the debris you have to skate through is pretty scary. You just never know what you might roll over that could take you down. I didn't fall though. The skate was along the boardwalk and then back on the bayside.

I practiced some dance skating near the roller coaster before I left. It was a good skate for endurance, and a great way to get the summer started. Looking forward to Adult night tomorrow at Skate World!

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