Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Skates, My Skates, My Lovely Lady Skates

This is the story of my roller skates. In 2008 when I started skating, I just rented skates at the rink like any other newbie. Then for my birthday last year, I went to Big 5 and bought some cheap ass roller skates. I had no idea they were junk. I guess that's why they were only $30 - even the plates and trucks were plastic! But not knowing better, they looked cute to the naked eye. I wore them to the rink and that was the same time I started learning dance skating. Wonderboy told me my skates were crap. I was stunned!! But they were the only skates I had.

That same week, my dad lost one of his renters and the people skipped town. He told me there was a pair of roller skates left in the rental, and I could have them if I wanted. They looked virtually the same as the ones I bought at Big 5, but I had educated myself enough to see that the plates were metal - an improvement. I was really surprised they fit me, and my new skates were born.

I got some new wheels and had the toe stoppers removed so I could do my dance skating. I have been wearing them since August, and although I am so excited for my new Vanillas, it will be bittersweet to make these my back up pair. I have been through so much with these skates - I could hardly skate when I first started, and now I am...where I'm at. My first outdoor skating experiences, my first dance skating (decently) experiences, traveling up to Cerritos. These skates will always have a special place in my heart...but bring on the Vanillas! I am saving my pennies; hopefully I can get them by May.

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