Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday Night Skate March 13

Hi world! Had a ball at skating last night. I feel a little improved every single time I skate. Last night was no exception. The rink wasn't quite as crowded as usual for a Saturday night. I'm also not feeling quite as frightened when I skate in the round. I have been really forcing myself to skate around and use my brakes and I think it is paying off.

A gal came up to me last night and told me she remembers when I first started skating and she noticed how good I have gotten. That really made my night. She wanted me to teach her a few moves but she was too afraid of falling. Said she would practice at home with a chair first. That was the luck for me - I had Wonderboy teach me, and he let me hold on to his arm so I wouldn't kill myself. I'm not really strong enough to do that for anyone else, except the children.

I even did some backwards skating last night, even though I don't like doing it when the kids are there. It was pretty terrifying. Definitely raised my blood pressure. I want to practice that more at the rink on Tuesday.
Daylight savings times, yes!!!! I have been waiting and waiting. I'm so done with this cold weather. Today is a gorgeous day in San Diego, the kind that we live here for - brilliant blue skies and cool breeze - perfect for skating outside. Happy skating!

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