Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day Skate

Went to the special President's Day skate at the rink today. It wasn't too crowded, maybe 50 or so people so that was less stressful for me. I did a lot of practicing around the oval and doing my crossovers. It was mostly kids at the rink so I also had the center of the ring virtually all to myself. I focused on doing certain moves and just practiced the same thing, over and over until I gradually improved.

I skated about three hours today. I did fall once right when I first got to the rink, because I tried to stop too quickly. It was okay though since I fell right on my wrist guards. After that I did a bunch of exercises to practice slowing down and stopping.

Adult night tomorrow, woo hoo! That is going to be so fun. So it's Tuesday 7:30-10:30, you should come and you can just tape Idol.

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