Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday Night Skate

Skating was fun at the rink last night, but there was way too many kids. They make me so completely nervous. I did end up getting knocked down by a kid recklessly exiting the floor. He just suddenly went to the right - right into me and pulled us both off the floor and onto the carpet along the side. Of course I had my wristguards on and didn't get hurt at all. He was a nice kid too, very apologetic.

I didn't do too well with my skating goals last night. I actually did not do one crossover the entire night! Just terrible. Sometimes I just baby myself and only do the things that are easy to me. I need to work on crossovers today for sure. I also got some new exercises to practice on for my next level of skating. So hard! I hope I can practice some of them today without falling. Heading to the rink at 1:30 for the afternoon skate 1:30-5:00.

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  1. Hey Sara!
    You have inspired me to finally start my craft blog! I'm gonna work on this baby over the weekend.

    You're buddy,
    Em xx