Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome to my blog

Thanks for showing up at my blog! I started this blog to track my progress as I learn to be a great roller skater.

I started going to the rink about a little over a year ago, just for fun. It was great to do with my girlfriends, just get some rentals and fool around, try not to fall. I did that for a pretty long time until one day I got the nerve to roll into the center of the rink and ask one of the experts for some tips. I got lucky and got some roller dancing instruction too. I was intrigued. It was scary to do the dance steps, but exciting when I got it right. I wanted to do more. I started practicing at home in my garage and got better, little by little.

I also watched a lot of videos online to get ideas of different moves. I found this girl in Texas called Jam Skate Addiction ( and she is amazing! Super talented jam skater with a very slow and patient instruction style. I have watched her trick vids over and over.

I am still such a beginner, but I have come a long, long way.

I have the next five days off from work. My goal is to skate at least three times over this weekend. Let's do this!

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