Friday, February 19, 2010

Skating Weekend

Hello world! I have been busy working all week so no skating until the weekend. I skated Tuesday but the music wasn't the best and it was pretty dead so not much to report.

I am going skating at the rink tomorrow night, Saturday from 7:00 - 11:00. It will be packed with kids but I can't wait anyway. I have been itching to skate. When spring gets here, I'll be able to skate outside at night, but it's too cold right now.

I was reading on about the importance of setting skating goals. So here are my skating goals:

1. To be able to do three crossovers at each of the turns at the roller rink
2. To learn to do a spin
3. To be able to toe jam smoothly

That's a good start. #1 is going to hard enough on its own. I have a mental block when it comes to crossovers. I can skate on my toes but I can't pick up one leg and cross it over when I'm turning in the oval. Ridiculous. I try to force myself to do it as the turn is approaching but I typically chicken out. Although I can actually do crossovers, it's very unnatural and stiff looking and I avoid them wherever possible. This weekend at the rink I'm going to try doing two crossovers at each turn, however it looks. If I do it a hundred times, it's got to get less scary.

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